Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass; storytelling and creativity keeps you hooked on ‘Time’

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It’s Time to travel back in time and change the time of the past and thereby transcend ahead in time to change the future or modify the present. Moving back and forth in time can be confusing or even boring in few occasions but Alice Through the Looking Glass keeps you hooked throughout the journey to keep a track on the timeline of the film.

“The only way to achieve what is impossible is to believe that it is possible”

Passion to soar higher and determination to cling to one’s dreams is well portrayed by the protagonist Alice Kingsleigh played by Mia Wasikowska. Serving as the Captain of her father’s ship, Alice fights through a tough stormy sea and emerges victorious to finally meet her mother after three years.

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But as we all know in the prequel Alice in Wonderland (2010) and in the book too that Alice has a distinct connection with her own wonderland and her jing bang of profound characters who await her return. Unlike the 2010 film wherein Alice restores the White Queen played by Anne Hathaway to her throne, this film has a number of variations and constant developments in the plot. You don’t look forward to what’s going to happen next but you always tend to anticipate how it is going to happen.  

It’s all about ‘Time’

The film revolves around time with the characters running back and forth in the past and the present to make things right. In fact, there is a new character ‘Time’ played by Sacha Baron Cohen who plays a pivotal role and keeps the audience engrossed with his subtle enchanting humour. This character is worth watching for as his sequences takes the film to another level of entertainment and interest. The sequences convey the importance of time and the ultimate power of time in a very creative manner, it’s like – You get the message and you later realise the depth of it.

Alice Through the Looking Glass3

“You cannot change the past but you learn from it’’

The basic plot of the film lies in the revival of the jeopardised Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp. Standing true to her friendship and going to any extent to regain her friend’s happiness, Alice takes the risk to enter the past and use time wisely. But, if she can’t change the past then what is the use of going back in time? Or what is it that the Mad Hatter is worried about?

“Nobody loves me, nobody cares for me”

Cries out the Red Queen played by Helena Bonham as even she has a crucial part to play in this film and the entire plot is connected to her or rather through her. In fact, though she is the antagonist, a budding relation between her and her sister the White Queen touches the hearts of the audience thus conveying the importance of relations and the true essence of reconciliation.

Alice Through the Looking Glass 4

“The only thing worth doing is doing something for others”

Essence of a family, bond between friends, affection in relations, importance of time, courage to follow your heart and make someone’s life better at the right time is what the film highlights in a splendid manner. The entire story is crafted wisely and with intense creativity so that you feel belonged to the Wonderland and also connect quite easily with all the characters and their backstory.

It’s very important to keep a track of time

When you are creating a film which is juggling with time throughout the plot, it is crucial to keep a tap on the actual timeline and progression of sequences. Though there are few loose ends in this film, the art of storytelling overlaps these ends and they seem negligible. Moreover, the acting, dialogue delivery and writing mesmerise you thus making you feel that the fictional tale is actually a real life scene. You might just wonder – am I in Wonderland or am I just lost as Alice?

Alice Through the Looking Glass6

It’s fiction and it’s a wonderland with The Mad Hatter

The whole Wonderland along with all its characters have been created using animation and addition of visual effects. The palace of each character is well created as to connect to their characterisation specifically. The costume, design, prosthetics, makeup and background elements leading to character build up display a neat work of animation and VFX. Various secondary characters in the palace of Time and The Red Queen have been focussed on with minute detailing and efficient character build up.

Alice Through the Looking Glass2

The Mad Hatter himself has various captivating sequences which are visually enthralling like the change of his hair colour and style, his eyes transforming according to his mood swings and his character building up to be scary yet contradictorily loving. The simulation of water, the attack of the dragons blazing tongues of fire, entrance of Alice in Time’s palace, unlocking of the clock by the White Queen and the ending portion when everything begins to freeze is visually enthralling.  

Sony Pictures Imageworks and Double Negative, the studios behind the animation and VFX have definitely added another feather to their mad hats of creativity.

Music and songs with meaningful lyrics have added to the aura of the film. Overall, this film directed by James Bobin, written by Linda Woolverton and produced by Tim Burton and Walt Disney Pictures loosely based on the novel Through the Looking-Glass (1871) by Lewis Carroll is worth watching if you wish to transcend to another world of adventure. The art of storytelling and the dialogue delivery is highly creative and it may prove beneficial to a slightly mature audience. As compared to The Jungle Book, this film has leaped much ahead in storytelling, creativity, animation, VFX, entertainment and of course TIME!

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