The dynamic duo behind the magic of redchillies.vfx; Keitan Yadav & Harry Hingorani

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On the occasion of Friendship Day, decided to take a closer look at the bond that two dynamic personalities from the visual effects industry share among themselves and also with the King of Bollywood himself, Shah Rukh Khan and how this bond of trust and loyalty has been the corner stone for arguably the most innovative and creative visual effects facility in the country – redchillies.vfx.

It all began way back in 2003-04, when SRK was on the lookout for a visual effects studio that could pull off some quality effects for his maiden venture under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner called Main Hoon Na. The duo of Harry Hingorani and Keitan Yadav met SRK on the sets of Paheli and when they exchanged ideas on pioneering a new venture under the Red Chillies banner, to later create a superhero flick starring SRK in the coming years, and thus began the journey of redchillies.vfx.

Although the studio officially got established only in 2006, work on projects like Main Hoon Na and other films had already begun. The biggest milestone for the studio came in 2011 with Ra.One when there were nearly 300+ artists and 14 boutique studios working round the clock to complete the gigantic task of completing over 3500 plus visual effects shots in the film. But, when redchillies.vfx started there were only a team of 10-12 individuals who had only one dream – which was to push the envelope in the space of visual effects in Hindi feature films.

The best thing that worked in the favour of SRK was that Keitan and Harry were both predominantly artists, and individually had years of experiences on actually working on projects themselves. Keitan was always holding things together – looking after the business development as well as continuing to build up the state of the art infrastructure within the studio. But, while working on Ra.One the trio (SRK, Keitan and Harry) took the wise call of splitting the roles of management and visual effects supervision, that’s when Keitan began to look after the business more closely and Harry took on the reins of looking after the overall visual effects supervision of projects.

The company’s expanded production team supports in managing multiple projects synchronously and discharging them efficiently. redchillies.vfx’s core team has professionals with 12+ years of experience. Over the years redchillies.vfx has built a creative team that includes a department of highly skilled compositors, animators, effects artists, editors and developers. The company also comprises of 180+ multi-talented artists, who work with Maya, Houdini, 3dsMax and Nuke. A dedicated team of 10 engineers of the IT/System Support department manage the render farms, storage and other software and hardware resources in the studio, whereas the production/line producers’ team sincerely value the project delivery, and work hard towards achieving good results. The company always looks to hire artists who have a keen eye for realism and are able to bring CG objects to life.


Redchillies.vfx is geared with latest state-of-the-art storage with a capacity to work on 3-4 visual effect film projects at the same time. The data centre comprises of 3200 cores of rendering power estimating to 8.3 THz of computing power. The studio also has a heterogeneous OS environment with Linux, Mac and Windows powered by high-end workstations with latest high-end Nvidia Quadro GPUs. The studio also boasts of a strong R & D team that constantly strives to develop tools and technologies, to combine them with award winning third party applications that are used in the studio. Over the years the software development team has created a unique proprietary pipeline management tool that allows artists to work on several complex jobs at a time with ease. This pipeline tool is backed by the proprietary render management tool that manages the resources in the studio and also commissions cloud computing.

But, what really works best for redchillies.vfx is the fact that it has Keitan and Harry leading the initiative for SRK, who are first great human beings and secondly also been friends for nearly two decades.

So, while Keitan wears many hats in the organization by controlling the operations, production and getting the right technology for the studio; with a number of years as a VFX artist behind him, Harry has been passionately serving the VFX industry since 1993, thus leading to a perfect blend of business acumen and creative superiority.

Keitan has contributed significantly in preliminary design & development of the studio in Mumbai & successfully managed overseas shoot deals in countries like US, UK & Australia. He is also known in the industry for his vision, leadership skills, youthful energy, and his tactical abilities, that reflect in the various forums he is part of including leading initiatives for VFX at FICCI.

Harry on the other hand is endowed with superior knowledge of 2D and 3D softwares that also includes simulation and match move, background creation, editing, fundamental concepts of shoots and photography. He uses various off the shelf applications and also provides ideas and suggestions to the R&D team to develop capable tools. Even though at an elated degree at redchillies.vfx, he still personally works on complex VFX shots, apart from prosperously managing the team.

Both Keitan and Harry must be credited for nourishing the company in visualizing, supervising, delivering realistic VFX and high quality service for the Hindi film industry. A recent tweet from SRK beautifully sums up the journey of the duo so far; and with SRK’s FAN and Raees set for a 2016 release, one can only expect to be further blown away from what this duo of Keitan and Harry has in store for SRK’s fans.

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