Australia’s VFX industry receives $1 million boost for future film artists

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CG Spectrum, a leading new College of Digital Arts and Animation, is making a mark as Australia’s most globally connected film and game school by collaborating with local feature film studio Iloura, the VFX company behind that wayward and rebellious bear, TED.

CG Spectrum and Iloura will invest up to $1 million to secure the future of Australia’s best animation and VFX artists through scholarships and the opportunity to work with Iloura through paid internships.

Jeff Pepper, Head of CG Spectrum, said the collaboration would provide a unique opportunity for budding Australian film designers, animators and VFX artists.

“This announcement will further fuel the country’s fastest growing creative industry and provide opportunities for students to break into the visual effects industry without having to move overseas,” he said.

“The Australian screen production industry is strengthening its well-earned reputation around the world and we will build on its profile by investing in exceptional talent,” he goes on. “The sponsorship incentives CG Spectrum is offering will address the need for more specialised VFX jobs in the Australian market and hone those skills for what the big feature film studios like Iloura are looking for.”

Many of the graduates get hired for jobs at major studios around the world. Working with Iloura gives Australian graduates a chance to stay local by offering the opportunity for paid internships.

CG Spectrum is producing top talent and Iloura has worked on films George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road and Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. This is a huge incentive and opportunity for CG Spectrum graduates hoping to make it big in the industry.

CG Spectrum is a unique online college with its students taught fundamental skills by industry-leading mentors from top studios like Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Ubisoft and Australia’s own Iloura. Students access the best industry knowledge available and graduate at a level that has them ready to work on feature films.

CG Spectrum, which is contributing $500,000 of the investment into scholarships, has identified through its advisory board five key areas of growth for the Australian Film Industry. It will address these by offering new specialised diplomas, opening the door for more Australians to get jobs in the animation and VFX industry.

“CG Spectrum’s advisory board continues to recommend best practice and update the college on current industry trends. This secures CG Spectrum’s reputation to provide cutting edge curriculum and learning experiences to help students’ graduate industry and future ready,” said Pepper.

Through this advisory board five new advanced diploma programs will be available from October that are not offered by any other school in Australia. These new specialised diplomas include:

• Concept Design • 3D modelling • Animation • Composition and Lighting • Visual Effects

Further to the $500,000 scholarships offered by CG Spectrum, Iloura will offer paid internships for selected post-graduate students who are industry-ready and want paid work here in Australia.

“Creativity and innovation play an important role in Australia’s resilience to recent global economic challenges, and we want to see our home-grown talent stay right here in Australia,” said Simon Rosenthal, Head of VFX Iloura. “Iloura is recognised globally. We are passionate about producing the next innovative leaders of the Australian film and television industry and this investment is a great step forward in developing our home grown talent and ensuring the success of the VFX Industry in our country.”

Enrolments will open from 1 October. For more information on new Diplomas being offered at CG Spectrum visit

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