NGDC returns for 7th edition; promises to be the best conference yet

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The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) recently announced the full speaker and workshop schedule for its Game Developer Conference 2015, which is being held from 5 to 7 November in Pune.

The conference will feature speakers from a wide range of regional and international tech companies, developers and publishers, including Microsoft, Unity Technologies, Google, Epic Games, Zynga and Autodesk.

The conference will kick off on 5 November with a series of games development workshops wherein game developers can learn from the best in business about game design, getting the art style right and how to get your start-up funded. Former Zynga SVP Mark Skaggs is one of the names one does not wish to miss at the conference as he has been around in the industry for donkeys years and is the co-creator of the hit series Farmville as well. His workshop on game design will be the one to lookout for.

The conference is a mix of international and Indian speakers boasting names like Ste Curran, Henry LaBounta, Ryan Weber and Audra McIver and Indian names include Shailesh Prabhu, Ankush Madad, Hrishi Oberoi and many more.


Running alongside the conference, The NGDC 2015 Expo will showcase more than 50 games either developed or published in India. The NGF 2015 Awards will also recognise achievements in Indian games development and encourage the creation of building original IPs in India.

“With a mix of India’s independent games development industry and international speakers and delegates, this year’s program will provide attendees with a foundation of knowledge and networking opportunities that will help drive their studios,” said NASSCOM Games Developer Conference, chairman, Anando Banerjee. “By learning from the success and failures of other studios, hands-on workshops and an expo floor featuring some of India’s most innovative new IP across mobile, PC and VR platforms, this will be our best development conference yet.”

The conference has five curated tracks: Indie Development, Game Design, Marketing and PR, Game Art and Technology and showcases the creative talent and upcoming industry trends in interactive entertainment in India.

Currently in its 7th year, the conference has been dedicated to growth of the Indian gaming ecosystem and getting the community together to share, opinionate and learn from their fellow game developers and apply into their own games.

With each passing year, the conference has upped the speaker list with hosting speakers like Ed Fries, Yoichi Wada, Trip Hawkins, Rami Ismail and Ian Livingstone among others.

We will get you more updates from Ground Zero as, in its very first year of operations, is a proud ‘Online Media Partner’ for this evangelising and nurturing event for India’s gaming ecosystem.

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