Video Game Fest Pune catches frenzy of local gamers

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Bengaluru based game development company Dumadu Games hosted its third edition of the Video Game Fest (VGF) in association with Ubisoft at the Seasons Mall Galleria on 31 January 2016.

Gaming has been growing in the city of Pune with more companies making it home and riding on the demand, Dumadu Games conceived and showcased this multi-platform video gaming fest for the first time in Pune to bring together gamers, developers, gaming institutes, all under one roof.

Sharing his excitement Dumadu Games, founder and CEO, Narasimha Reddy, said, “Being a gamer by heart, we have been in Game Development and wish to take Gaming to next platform, experimenting with new Gaming technologies and coming up with new solutions. VGF is a platform which brings different Gaming Companies together for audience to give a 360 degree Gaming experience.”

The festival hosted a number of gaming championships of the games Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Just Dance. Dumadu Games also showcased its Google Cardboard games at the event along with its endless running game Dream Run. Tessaract, a virtual reality headset was on display which is being developed by Absentia. Ubisoft too presented its games Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles and The Crew Wild Run for the gamers at the event.

VGF Pune 2With the big names strutting their works at VGF, indies too were not to far behind. Titles from Apar Games and Ogre Head’s Asura were exhibited at VGF. The hardware enthusiast were too in for a treat as Cezor and Cooler Master had workshops and showed off their gaming builds for the gamers to take inspiration from.

Sharing her thoughts at the success of the event, Video Game Fest, CEO, Trupti Latur, said, “Our partners and associates for this event are key to the grand success of this fest. From our associates, Ubisoft, with their new games being unveiled, to Gaming Monk, Psychostore, Cezor, and more gaming companies notched up the gaming experience at the event by a few levels. Their unstinting support and commitment has helped us showcase one of the biggest gaming extravaganzas Pune has ever seen.”

Expressing their delight as associate partners for the event, Ubisoft India, MD, Jean-Philippe Pieuchot said, “Events like Video Game Fest are a great platform to meet and interact with our fans. We have been missing this element in Pune so far and hence by encouraging such events we wish to extend our support to the video game industry here. In addition, through this platform we also look forward to meeting creative talents in order to encourage them to join our industry.”

With the Pune leg of Video Game Fest getting a good response, Dumadu is planning to take the festival to different cities in the coming months and make this a national level tournament.

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