Games2Win sees a huge potential in celebrity based games; debuts with ‘Kingin’ Tyga World Tour’

Kingin' Tyga World Tour
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Celebrity games have been one of the newest trends that have caught the mobile gaming space’s frenzy and the success of Kim Kardashian Hollywood companies like Glu are investing in more such celebrity games. One such company is Games2Win which has recently made a celebrity game based on rapper Tyga.

Tyga best known for his hip-hop numbers like For The Road, Far Away and Still Got It has a huge fan following worldwide and his fans interacting with a part of him in the form of a game will only add to his digital presence.

We at had an opportunity to chat with Games2Win, head – alliance and distribution, Mahip Vyas to speak about this new game Kingin’ Tyga World Tour.

“Tyga was – for long – wanting to stay connected with his millions of fans using a fun digital product and Games2win partnered with Cashplay and pitched together to build a cool game for him,” Mahip explained.

Celebrities are very particular about the way they are portrayed across platforms and Tyga too was creatively involved right from the stage of inception.

“The celebrity himself was involved in conceptualisation & design of the game providing valuable inputs about the art and features of the game. He loved the final product and promoted it in a big way on his social media channels,” he added.

The production of the game was done in India and a small team of a product manager, game designer, artist, developer and a tester were part of the project. The USA office managed the artist & overall game production timelines.

With the advent of celebrity games, one of the biggest factors for a gaming company could be the audience they bring along. Games2Win is not new to celebrity games and have developed games for Yashraj Studios making games for their movies like Detective Byomkesh Bakshi and also a puzzle game based out of most of their movies.

“Celebrity games have become a big global business in recent time with few games earning millions of dollars from such properties. It will continue to grow in the market, as more celebrities would like to create their digital products suited to their personalities,” Mahip expounded on the recent advent of this genre in mobile games. “It is an exciting time for game developers because such demand in the market would present new business opportunities for many companies and grow the overall market size of gaming.”

Further details on Kingin’ Tyga World Tour

During the pre-development phase, Games2Win had several brainstorming sessions with the artist about the theme of the game. Endless Runner was chosen as the theme as it reflected Tyga’s personality and made his character look surreal & closer to his fans.

The partnership with Cashplay had weekly tournaments in the game with players getting to compete with other players round the globe and also Tyga himself. But retention is one of the key problems – even for bigger studios – and how do they tackle this is the key to their success.

“More than 95 per cent of the popular games in the market are F2P while premium game model does not reach to the masses. An artist always wants his brand to reach to as many fans as possible, hence launching the game, as a free version was a no brainer,” Mahip further added.

“We have planned a series of feature upgrades in the game with exciting challenges to retain the users. A global leaderboard & multiplayer tournaments in the game makes sure that the users are keen to engage in repeat plays. Our partner Cashplay organises weekend tournaments with prize money of $5,000 & $1,000 to fuel user activation in the game. We are learning innovative ways to fine-tune in-game features and focus on game retention, engagement and monetisation”.

The game has been receiving positive response from fans and the game was ranked 24 in USA in the overall games section within first few days of the launch. The game has crossed 175,000 installs in the first few weeks of game launch on iOS. The Google Play version was recently launched on the App Store as well.

After a decade in the industry, the developer-publisher has already achieved great success in the Cricket, Dress-up and Bollywood game genres in India, while also focusing on expanding its global footprint with more celebrity based and fashion oriented games. India is a challenging market for gaming companies, sustaining and more so growing over the course of ten years is something the upcoming start-ups in the country should learn from an organization like Games2Win.

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