Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup rekindles e-sports culture among the youth

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A lot has been said and written about the game development industry and how the guys behind some mean machines are doing an incredible job to bring the gaming scene at par to international counterparts. But, what’s even more encouraging to see is that there is actually a sizable gang of mean gamers battling it out without batting an eyelid on the World Wide Web from this country. These are the guys who are totally immersed in this graphic world and are waiting for the next big releases every month and up to speed with the latest from the business.

India is not known to be a breeding ground for hardcore gamers (this is no Candy Crush Saga kiddos) but with things getting a little more accessible and internet speeds too getting a boost with better and faster broadband connectivity throughout the country, players can play from the comfort of their couches at home and not having to spend their pocket money at cyber cafes every month.

Taiwan Excellence (TE) Gaming Cup, which conducts one of the biggest DoTA 2 championships taking place in the country, is now in its second year and boy has it grown. What began as a Mumbai alone event last year, has now grown to having over 300 gamers from New Delhi and Mumbai, apart from a few other cities, battling it out to get their hands on cash prizes worth Rs 4 lac.

The elimination rounds were held from 14 to 16 August and 21 to 23 August in New Delhi. The Mumbai leg was played out between 4 to 6 September and 11 to 13 September. Out of the total teams participating, which were close to 70 in all, 4 teams from each city have now progressed to the semi-finals which were held in Mumbai on 18 September followed by the grand finale on 19 September.


Speaking on this occasion, Taipei World Trade Centre Liason Office, Mumbai, director, Micheal Lin said: “The popularity of the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup was so high that this year we scaled up the event to include even Delhi in the venues. The response we received for our second edition too has been massive. We are glad to bring in this championship for passionate gamers because we believe it gives them an opportunity to showcase their skills as well as offers them a chance to win big money.”

And who said that only participants were battling their hearts out in the arena, the media brigade too stepped up along with bloggers to attempt conquering the DoTA 2 on the sidelines of the competition and catch some action of their own along with their compatriots. There were also a couple of cool Cosplayers seen striking their poses at the semi-final and encouraging the participants to go for the most kills.

Promoted by Taiwanese brands like Acer, BenQ, D-Link, Asus, Adata, Transcend, Gigabyte, MSi, Thermaltake, GX Gaming and FSP, the TE Gaming Cup also showcases the hi-end gaming products manufactured by a country of equally rich culture and heritage.


The semi-finals saw 8 teams battling throughout the day for making it to the grand finale which would be played out tomorrow. Delhi finalists include WL2B, Elunes, NS.Pro and Jinchuriki Gaming and Mumbai teams include Neckbreak, BFK, BadXcuse and Roar E Sports. Each of the eight teams will not go empty handed. The winners take home a cash prize of Rs 1,70,000 and runners-up take home Rs 90,000 apart from the other goodies.

“Taiwan Excellence Cup strives to give passionate gamers a chance to realise their potential and encourages them to take it to the next level,” added Lin.

With the TE Gaming Cup being an annual event now, this will only make things better for the industry; especially the gamers who have been wanting to make this a full time career but are still finding it difficult to find the right tournaments and matches in the country.

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