Want to learn coding? Minecraft is your new teacher…

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Coding computer programs has been a nightmare for some kids and even adults and learning it can be a difficult task but Microsoft along with Code.org will teach the kids the basics of computer science using Mojang game Minecraft themed lessons.

Minecraft, is an exploration game where one just has to build the world of his own without any end objective also exploring other worlds in an infinite digital sandbox.

Code.org conducts annual Hour of Code, a worldwide campaign that helps to demystify the world of coding simplifying the complex methods and teaching the basics of computer science within an hour of the module. The Hour of Code takes place during Computer Science Education Week from 7 to 13 December. The new Minecraft module is part of the Hour of Code which has previously had partners like Star Wars and Flappy Bird.

The users just need to sign up for the Hour of Code Minecraft module, where the user is introduced to a video by  Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten explaining the module and how one can learn it the easy way.

Participants have to choose between Steve or Alex, the two main characters from the game to begin the coding through Minecraft world. Other members of Mojang team provide help learning the process of building code and get characters to achieve various goals where one learns shearing sheep and breaking down trees through coding inside the game.

The user interface is easy to grasp with a small window showing the output, objectives and run/reset button just below it. The functions or tools box have blocks and one has to grab and put in on the workspace. One has to follow the first few instructions and put the blocks to make the character move around the Minecraft world. Afterwards, one has to then figure out the coding on its own and make characters perform various tasks.

Microsoft will also be leading “thousands” of Hour of Code events across the globe, which will be hosted in Microsoft stores, offices, among other facilities.

“A core part of our mission is empowering every person on the planet to help equip the youth with computational thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement. “With Minecraft and Code.org, we aim to spark creativity in the next generation of innovators in a way that is natural, collaborative and fun.”

With this not only children will get introduced to coding but adults as well, who have no knowledge of coding can also sign up and start coding from the word go. Minecraft has a huge audience of more than 100 million players who Microsoft would love to tap into who would want to go learn and code through this initiative.

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