REVIEW: MSI lets you unleash the beast in you with GE62 6QD Apache Pro

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Micro-Star International (MSI) has launched GE62 6QD Apache Pro in the mid segment of its gaming series and the laptop packs in a punch for all gaming enthusiasts. takes a closer look at this newbie in the brand’s gaming series laptop.


The MSI Laptop has a thin frame and measures 383 x 268 x 27 mm, slightly thinner than its rivals in the category but weighs 2.4 kilos. Having kept gamers in mind, the laptop has been designed with aggressive, angular styles and an aluminium chassis for a slightly premium feel.

The MSI logo and a logo of its gaming series runs along the front edge on the lid of the laptop. The black and red colour gives it a distinctive look and makes it more appealing towards its target audience – the gamers.

When you open the lid you are greeted by the SteelSeries Keyboard, a set of DynaAudio speakers and a touchpad which forms the internal of the laptop.


SteelSeries Keyboard

One of the finest gaming keyboards, we have come across in this category; the keyboard features an array of RGB lighting effects via the SteelSeries Engine software. The different coloured keys are designed to give a special function separately for each key. One can change the colour of the keys for a different game where in one can assign a certain colour for a certain game. And, then change it with a touch of a special button when you want to change the lights of the keys or change the profile.

The SteelSeries Engine provides different colour schemes and the lights can be changed between dim to bright light allowing you to work/play even during the night hours. The typing experience too is better with the rubberised keys and your fingers don’t slip even when you are gaming for hours.

msi keypad


The touchpad and mechanical buttons are responsive while the large surface area makes it relatively easy to use. Touchpads are not majorly used during gaming sessions but we had a bad experience with the touchpad as the cursor was freezing time and again. The aluminium design and the textured finish gives it a premium look but apart from the cursor freezing, it responds very well.

Dyna Audio

The two speakers positioned at the front of the laptop are powered by Dyna Audio and produces brilliant sound quality when consuming media. The speakers offer a balance between the mix and mid-range sounds and the game audio provides a rather loud audio when you are playing. The speaker produces some of the best sounds you’ll hear on a laptop and is aided with Nahimic audio software, the speakers simply come alive.

Cooling Fans

The laptop internals have been crammed in a rather thin frame and cooling can be a problem but MSI has ensured that the laptop has the largest cooling setup possible inside it and features two different fans (each for the CPU and GPU), 4 copper heat pipes, and heat sinks at the back of the laptop to dispel heat. The GE62 6QD is quiet under idle conditions and one can only hear fan sounds when one turns on the special button which speeds up the RPM of the fans and cools the laptop in minutes and ensures no heating even during the heavy gaming sessions. This makes it an impressive laptop given the device’s handy size and strong gaming specification. Also, the non-removable 6-cell battery allows for a moderate use and one can expect between two to two and half hours of battery life with moderate to heavy use, which by today’s standards is decent enough to keep you content.


The laptop comes with the single 8GB DDR4 RAM, which can be further extended to 32GB of memory via a 16GB x 2 setup but only once you ask the official MSI consultants for the upgrade, as the warranty on the laptop might lapse.

MSI packs this one with the latest mobile Skylake chip, the i7-6700HQ which performs quite well under the heavy tests thrown at it. The main boot drive is a 128GB SSD which speeds up the boot time and provides for a better multitasking on the laptop. Along with this SSD, the company also provides an additional storage drive of 1TB where one can store everything and anything you want. The processor runs at 2.6 GHz and can go up to 3.6 GHz under turbo boost mode. NVIDIA’s mid-core GPU NVIDIA 960M also throws the weight behind the processor giving it the extra edge when it comes to visually heavy games.


The PLS panel which MSI provides on this laptop is a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, a bit old school when mid and high end laptops provide 2k and 4k monitors for gaming and consuming media. But, the resolution works very well with the GTX 960M’s capabilities and makes the desktop experience enjoyable be it while playing games or viewing videos or movies. The laptop manages to bring out the best of the colours. The viewing angles on the laptop are excellent and one can view the same picture from different angles. The laptop gives sharp colours and great uniformity. It supports up to 4k of displays on HDMI and even matrix displays with up to three displays, i.e. two externals and the one built in, providing you with an extension of your gameplay. The black starts to become dull when you tone down the brightness but overall, no complaints!


Built for the gamers, one thing it should be is a ‘Star’ in this department. Built with the latest 6th Gen i7 Skylake processor and GTX 960M, it does manage to grab our attention. We tried quite a few games on this to figure out how well it delivers.

far cry 4 pcGTA V

While playing one of the biggest games on the PC front currently – GTA V, we experienced that GE62 6QD does manage to do a tad bit better than expected with its 2GB of dedicated graphics card. At Ultra settings, the laptop managed to achieve 40 frames-per-second without any major hiccups or causing major frame drops. More so if you water down a few effects, the laptop does deliver the perfect 60 frames-per-second.

Far Cry 4

The visually serene Far Cry 4 too managed to achieve great results on this beast with consistent frame rates in the range of 42 frames-per-second on Ultra settings. This too only had occasional frame drops but did very well during the fast moving sequences of the game.

Metro Last Light

Testing it to its limits we also tested Metro Last Light on this unit. The game packs supreme texture quality and is heavy on visuals that limits the game to a solid 30 frames-per-second. Once again, reducing the settings should allow for a Medium-High preset at 60 frames-per-second.

GPU CPUOverview

Already having a splendid array of gaming laptops, MSI again delivers a powerhouse laptop with the GE62 6QD. It combines the might, the portability and a premium look in the budget category.

The SteelSeries supported RGB-backlit keyboard allows for a great deal of customisation and colours with which one can just fool around or save it, if one simply can’t get their hands off this beast to quench their thirst for the latest games.

Additionally, the 1920×1080 resolution display with the PLS technology produces dynamic colour range along with vivid colours which do not strain the eyes much.

Being a mid-range laptop, MSI packs it with Nvidia GTX960M, a 2GB dedicated GPU, which in the future with titles demanding more from it but have managed to achieve much more with the current titles with new Skylake i7-6700HQ.

With SSD at its heart, the laptop managed impressive read/write speeds. But with only 128GB available, one would require to upgrade it in these media consuming times. The network speeds over WiFi and Ethernet were consistently high due to the Killer E2200 Gigabit network and were reliable even during drop in connection speeds.

The Dynaudio speakers are an icing on the cake, which were loud and clear enough and aided with Nahimic audio software, and provided crisp sounds for a gaming laptop.

Priced at Rs 1,15,000, the MSI GE62 6QD is everything a media professional looks for in a framed budget. Super quiet and a premium looking piece of hardware along with spectacular specs at this price point is something of a catch. Students and entry level gamers who are looking to get their hands dirty, this beast of a machine delivers the goods without causing much of a strain to your bank balance.msi box

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