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iBall had been one of the early entrants of budget Android phones and tablets segments and this time the Indian company is out to capture the personal computer space. iBall recently launched two laptops and one of them is known as iBall Excelance and the other is Exemplaire which is loaded with Windows 10, entry-level hardware specifications, compact small design, and good battery. The Excelance is priced at Rs 9,999 and Exemplaire at Rs. 13,999.

Taking a leaf from Android’s book, Microsoft too is trying to tap the audience through brands like Micromax and iBall in India for delivering low-cost computers to the masses. Let’s check what iBall has delivered with the entry level laptop.

Specifications and Design

The specifications of the laptop are an Intel Atom Z3735F 1.83 Quad core processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. The 11.6-inch LCD HD display (1366 x 768) is very good for a laptop in the Rs 9,999 price range. Two USB slots and a mini HDMI slot. All in all, this laptop weighs 1.1 kg and one can easily carry the laptop around without much stress. Specs are decent for someone who has very basic needs like surfing, multimedia and basic work. The laptop has a DVD drive absent but in today’s times where everything is either on the cloud, internet or an external storage device, it is perfectly alright.

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The review unit of the laptop came in blue option, which is a pleasant change from the traditional black and white colours. The top has an iBall branding with textures panel to complete the look. One of the USB ports sits on the right with the microSD card slot and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The left side sports USB port, HDMI port, and port for the charger. It has a compact keyboard and touchpad as the primary input device. There is also a VGA camera for video calls.

One of the drawbacks of the laptop is the keyboard and the trackpad. For someone who is used to writing a lot, I felt the keyboard lacked the punch and the quality. While typing most of the time the cursor would go haywire and it became almost difficult to type on this for long time periods.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced gestures to trackpads and this one supports gestures for quick works. For example, you can zoom in and zoom out your screen with two fingers and there a number of others available. But these were not smooth on the trackpad and would operate at its own will.

You get various connectivity options in this laptop. These include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI and USB. You have two USB ports. So, connectivity options are fine. We generally use these connectivity mediums in our daily life. All these connectivity options are also performing well.

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As an entry level laptop, iBall Excelance does really well when it comes to operating for your fundamental daily needs but you should not expect much in high-end performance department. The 2GB RAM coupled with Intel Quad Core processor deliver most of the time and the experience was generally lag free. At this price point, getting a better configuration is like getting water in the desert. The laptop runs casual games from the Windows Store but don’t expect this laptop to handle graphics intensive games.

Display and Multimedia

The iBall Excelance comes with an 11.6 inch IPS LCD HD display which is good for a laptop of this price range. The screen has good viewing angles and you can enjoy videos with ease. The screen being a reflective one, you may have a problem if you plan to use this outdoors. Even on full brightness, the screen is dull in the outdoors but works perfectly otherwise.

Speakers are average and you would need an external speaker/ headphones for enjoying a pleasurable movie experience.


The 32GB internal storage is something really less in today’s data hungry generation, the laptop has a microSD slot to extend the storage by 64GB, but if you still feel this you will require extra storage you can connect external hard-disks.


The 10,000mAh battery keeps the laptop running for around 6-8 hours of usage with handling tasks like browsing, Word processing and movies. For an entry level Windows laptops, the 10,000mAh battery works very well but the charging port is different from the usual that the laptops sport. And iBall for some reason have bundled the charger with a really small cable, so if you are running out of battery while you are working, you need to keep the laptop aside for charging if there are no sockets where you sit.

Final Verdict

A decent Rs 10,000 laptop was unheard of until a few years but now Micromax along with iBall have made this a reality. iBall Compbook Excelance is a practical laptop for everyone who wants a limited work out of it especially students and people on budget.

Although it has its downsides, iBall Compbook Excelance has a lot of ups in the entry level category and with this we may just see a whole resurgence in the personal computing in India.

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