Zion Xtreme DDR4 RAM Review: Matches up to its international counterparts

Zion Xtreme DDR4 RAM 3
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Random Access Memory or RAM as it is widely known as is known to be the integral part of your day to day working on digital devices be it your PC, laptop or the smartphones. The bigger the number, the better multitasking capable it possess. The CPU technology is moving forward with a breakneck speed and the advancement we see today which can be provided in a tiny chip tell us that we have come far from the times when the whole room used to be required to store a computer which could do a limited number of functions and that too would take some amount of time.

Indian brand Zion which specialises in memory, last year ventured into delivering Xtreme series of RAMs which is targeted specially towards gaming and other graphic intensive chores that require extreme juice from the CPU. Recently, ZION released its Xtreme DDR4 2133MHz RAM and we put it to test and see how competitive it is when it comes to handling intense multitasking and graphic demanding workload.

The DDR4 RAM maintains a similar design featuring their brand’s bold red colour, giving it a distinctive and attractive look. These RAM sticks come with inbuilt heat sinks for more efficient cooling and Zion ensures that they aren’t oversized and cause continuous CPU cooler interference. The special feature about the Zion RAM is that it’s fully made in India in collaboration with Apacer Technologies who is the PCB manufacturer for this module and hence it’s the first ever of its type, so that’s a reason for all the Indians to celebrate.

Zion Xtreme DDR4 RAM 1The RAM was easy to install and the system booted up without any issues. The RAM is clocked at 2400 MHz. We did test it on Intel platform and the tests have been more than satisfactory for the RAM. The benchmarking tool AIDA64 was used to find out the memory read, write and copy speeds for the RAM and the numbers were pretty amazing, with read, write and copy values all being greater than 16,000 MB/s. These are some impressive numbers for someone who is a regular gamer or has frequent multitasking operations to deal with on daily basis. It boosted the performance of a PC and reduces the boot-up time by more than one minute. It took only 13 seconds to boost the PC. Latency too is quite low, with the slowest response time being 63 nanoseconds.

What makes the Zion Xtreme much more special is that it is made and manufactured in India and the company’s three year warranty makes it a competition among other memory brands like Transcend and Kingston who have been in the space for quite some time now.

This is a definite recommendation if you’re replacing your old RAM and want to move to DDR4 technology from DDR3. This provides all the necessary pluses for someone who is looking for a good gaming RAM or want to ramp up for their graphic intensive needs. Presently, this memory stick is available for Rs 4690 (8GB variant).

Zion Xtreme DDR4 RAM 2

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