Review: HyperX Cloud Drone provides all necessary ingredients to enjoy sound while gaming

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HyperX, the subsidiary of the American flash memory manufacturer Kingston came to the party little late when it comes to the gaming side of things and this is because of the E-sports boom; but it can be said that better late than never. Of late, its headphones offering has been very popular among the gamers and the company has added another headset to its line-up of headphones – Cloud Drone. This is the fourth in the line of the headphones that the company has introduced in the market with the likes of Cloud, Cloud II, Cloud Core and now Cloud Drone. This newest addition to the HyperX line is priced at Rs 3,999.

Build and design

The Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone, unlike its predecessor Cloud Core is all plastic except for the metal and plastic swivel microphone and yet is robust and lighweight, something that Core had to its disadvantage. The almost all black body, breaks the black tone with a red neck protective cushion and goes well with the HyperX logo which sports the same colours.

The earcups are large enough to tightly fit around the years and are made of faux-leather and the noise cancellation makes you isolate the environment around. The over-the-head portion is cushioned to provide more comfort and support. The headphone feels comfortable even when you wear it for hours or when they are hung around your neck when you are not in one of your gaming sessions.

The earcups have an addition on Cloud Drone. It has an attached microphone on the left, but lacks a mute button; instead it has a switch, which gets activated when you swivel it. When its swivelled from top to bottom it will unmute the mic and once reversed back to the top, you will enter the mute mode. There is a volume control on the right ear cup which you can revolve like a disc to turn up or turn down the volume directly from the headphone, a cool feature when you are in a game and just wanna grab that one second shut down without going to the menu or start to turn the volume down.

The Cloud Drone comes with a 2 metre cable and an extender and splitter that will help the user to easily connect the device to rear audio jacks on PCs. The cable is well braided, tough and can easily withstand those accidental pulls and wears and tears unlike its rubber counterpart. The 3.5 mm jack on the Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone is a standard gold plated which ensures you have a better sound quality at your disposal.


Game Experience

Being in the mid range category when it comes to the cost, performance wise this can be stray towards being a medicore headphone but it does not. The sounds are crisp but the highs are something that you may yearn for in this beauty.

We played games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, GTA V and Far Cry Primal with the headset. The headsets provide adequate sound with each game having a different requirement and range of sounds. The bullets, explosions, vehicle radio, animal noise all stand out and you can enjoy each sound distinctively. But when compared to better headphones out there, this one falls short when it comes to the wholesome experience and doesn’t have that extra edge.

One major improvement that HyperX has added to these headphones is that you hear very well on the mic and there is no distortion. This was one of the let downs on the Core. The mic is not that over-sensitive and you hardly hear any background noise.


Not designed specially for music enthusiasts, this one too is more leaned towards warm sounds and does well on treble sounds. The mid-range sounds have a crisp and clear audibility but tend to get crackling when you go to high or low range sounds when you are listening to  bass heavy songs.

The volume on this one has been considerably cut down and you will need to adjust a few equaliser knobs to get the desirable listening volume.

Final Thoughts

When looking for headphones in budget, these are your go to option apart from the Cloud Core and few others with the likes of Dragon War too wanting to have some pie from this segment which already has leaders like Razer and Creative. The lightweight body helps in getting long hours of gaming without having to put stress on neck and shoulders. Just the addition of a carry pouch or an all foldable headphone would make it more easier to carry these while travelling and make it more practical; something we have been saying for other headphones from HyperX.

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