Review: BIOSTAR H110MD Pro D4 – A decent Skylake experience for the budget price

Biostar H110MD Pro D4
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Taiwan based BIOSTAR Microtech is known for its motherboards and graphics cards and recently, in line with 6th generation Skylake processors, it launched a new motherboard H110MH Pro D4 that supports these new processors. The BIOSTAR H110MD Pro D4 although a mid-range motherboard has a lot of features to enhance your PC experience and also your gaming needs. Let us find out more.


The packaging came with two high-speed SATA cables, Rear I/O panel for the ATX case, driver installation disc, and an extremely detailed manual. The BIOSTAR H110MD Pro D4 has the MicroATX Form Factor with dimensions at 22.6cm x 17.7cm which will fit inside the tiniest of cabinets and HTPC setups. The motherboard build quality looks good, with the black and yellow standing out on the board.

The H110MD Pro D4 is an upgrade for the last generation as this series supports the new DDR4 RAM technology which is much faster and universal in today’s times. The H110MH Pro D4 has two memory slots with the capability to run 16GB RAM on each slot; so you can expand it up to 32GB. You can hook up 4, 8 or 16GB of RAM in dual channel for increased performance. These dual channel memory slots can accept memory frequency of 1867 and 2133MHz memory sticks, which are enough for putting together a performance system.

There are 4 SATA connection ports that support 6.0 Gbps data transfer speeds; a really fast speed for someone who wants to make a gaming PC and requires quick calculations to happen behind the scene and multitask all the time.

The motherboard only supports one PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slot, which means that there is no scope for two-way SLI. But if you are not in for the graphics card upgrade and want to stick to your old GPUs, this also supports the old PCIe X1 and PCIe X2 slots for expanding ports.

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The H110MD Pro D4 with its 7.1 HD Audio provides high-quality sound with Realtek ALC887 8-Channel HD Audio codec. The HD Audio provides high quality sound with minimal loss of audio fidelity. Furthermore, the high end Audio Capacitors (Nichicon capacitors) provide a great sound for all your needs – be it gaming or general entertainment.

The motherboard incorporates BIOSTAR’s Tough Power Enhanced power delivery for improved stability and enhanced longevity. It can also endure massive electric current and ensure full energy output without additional loss, making it a superhero protecting your PC.

Apart from the Tough Power Enhanced, BIOSTAR also has another feature called the Super LAN Surge Protection (SLSP) which provides LAN with more advanced antistatic protection. It has an integrated chip to strengthen electrical stability to prevent damage from electrical surges. The SLSP also upgrades the existing system protection standards with maximum 4x protection as compared to other board makers.


We tested the motherboard using the 6th generation Core i5 6400 processor, and two 8GB HyperX Kingston RAMs which were clocked at 2133MHz and paired with Corsair VS600 power supply and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960.

The processor fits in comfortably in the socket, and locks in perfectly. To add to your cooling needs for the CPU, the motherboard supports the CPU cooler dimension which is similar to the last generation, so you can use the one from your old PC and install it here.

On the BIOS side of things the motherboard comes with Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) BIOS system, through which you can control the hardware level features easily.

In UEFI, you can see the CPU and RAM speeds along with the voltage use by each. It also has system fan speed and the temperature at which the whole system is operating at.


Priced at Rs 4,999, the motherboard is feature rich and has most of the modern technology with current connectivity options that lures a PC enthusiast. Along with the support to the 6th Generation Intel Skylake processors, you can build a solid gaming PC with help of powerful graphics card but the gamers who may want to ramp up their PCs with the two-way SLI system will find it absent here. Amateur gamers can give this one a try before and will suit their needs perfectly. If the budget PC is on your mind and you need performance, gaming and protection without much hassle of overclocking, this is the motherboard you are looking for.

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