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Google’s event in San Francisco witnessed a tsunami of new products along with newer opportunities on the new Android operating system Marshmallow. Google announced two new Nexus phones – Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. But the major announcement was of the new Chromecast, which has been improved from the previous model. Just like the original Chromecast, Google is selling the second gen Chromecast for the price of $35, and it comes in 3 colours.

Of the things that the Silicon Valley giant has improved on the casting device is the design (it isn’t a dongle anymore) and better connection using three Wi-Fi antennas to amp its Wi-Fi capabilities, which now allows streaming to be more effortless and lesser connectivity issues unlike the previous model. The focus is not only on the movies and photos, which one can cast on the big screen; the company is also looking forward to have a lot more gaming content of the new Chromecast with the introduction of something called as Game Casting. The company claims that the new casting technology is a vast improvement for experiencing games from the mobile device to the big screen.

The older Chromecast too has the ability to cast games on a TV, but with the new Game Casting technology on the Chromecast, Google wants to focus more on providing a dedicated gaming experience of playing mobile games on the big screen with ease. Chromecast has also become smarter thanks to its ability to understand what a player wants or is doing with its mobile device.

It also showcased the WGT Golf game where the TV casts visuals of a course and golfer and a ball control on the phone. The use of both the screens in a very different manner amplifies how much of gaming can be used on the Chromecast and a number of developers can now exploit this new found platform.

Google is not going to release Chromecast as yet and is working closely with a number of developers to get as much content as it can before the release. Chromecast currently has games like Angry Birds GO, WGT Golf and Monopoly Here and Now.

The best part is that your phone acts as the controller and this is not limited only to Android phones. Google has opened up the Chromecast to be used with iPhones as well and cross-platform adaptability is something which will make most of the gamers happy.

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