Here’s what we can expect from season 2 of Fox’s ‘Gotham’

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After a somewhat scrappy start, the American comic-adapted crime show, Gotham has not only managed to hook its audiences throughout the 22-episode first season, but also finished in the top 30 shows – especially among young adults – with an average total viewership of 9.5 million. Gotham, developed by Bruno Heller premiered on Fox on 22 September, 2014 and is based on the characters from the DC Comics’ Batman universe in his fictional Gotham City.

Starring Ben McKenzie as the moralist hard-ass cop, Jim Gordon, the show was originally planned along the lines of retelling Jim Gordon’s pre-Batman bout in Gotham city plagued with criminals and gangsters. However learning from its staggering start, season 1 welcomingly expanded its focus on the young Bruce Wayne saga along with the origin tales of some of the most notorious super-villains of Gotham, who as we know, would enter into Batman’s bad books.

While we at will surely be giving a more in-depth insight into how the second season’s premier pans out, here is our take on what could be expected from Fox’s Gotham Season 2.


Rise of the Villains

Introducing the second season as ‘Rise of the Villains’, the makers of the show have made it quite plain that if Season 1 was an overload of villains, then the second one is surely upping the ante. “More villains move in to take their piece of the pie and Gordon has to take very extreme measures to quell the chaos that ensues.” teases Gotham executive producer, Danny Cannon.

While the second season would surely be progressing on some of the famous villains including The Penguin, the young Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman and Ed Nigma a.k.a The Riddler whose dubious evil side was revealed in the last episodes of the previous season, many more are definitely about to enter the Gotham universe. Mr. Freeze, Firefly & Theo and Tabitha Galavan along with possibly the Joker are already rumored to be introduced in meaty roles. Also confirming Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays Harvey Dent as a season regular tells us that we would be seeing more of the White Knight of Gotham and who knows his diabolical side of Two-Face may be on the writer’s mind for this season as well.

Jerome_The Joker

Jerome could be The Joker

Batman’s nemesis and the most notorious evil villain, The Joker may surely be ringing bells for Jared Leto’s incarnation of the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but in the small-screen space too, Gotham has been teasing it all along. In episode 16 of the first season, Gotham introduced a maniacal young boy, Jerome who murdered his mother for absurd reasons. Although throughout the DC Comics history, Joker’s real name hasn’t ever been confirmed so transforming this Jerome with his sadistic and maniacal, evil behavior to be the Joker seems only logical. Also with reports confirming Cameron Monaghan returning as Jerome in the second season could mean Jerome gradually evolving into playing the practical maniac – Joker.


Bruce Wayne may have found the Batcave

Season 1 concluded on a brilliant note where the young Bruce Wayne finds out about his father, Thomas Wayne’s mysterious underground tunnel in the Wayne Manor. Giving us no clues as to what this tunnel would be leading to, we can merely speculate that could this be Dark Knight’s famous Bat-cave? Season 2 would surely be addressing this question because even as per comics, a young Bruce Wayne stumbles upon the Bat-cave when he falls in a pit with bats becoming his worst fears. So far, Gotham hasn’t created that fear within Bruce Wayne but who knows this season might rogue the young boy with the fear he would soon overcome and spread across the Gotham city as Batman. However aligning the speculated Bat-cave with Thomas Wayne’s secret may be an interesting plot-point for Gotham bringing out untold stories of the Wayne family.


New Format Approach

In a recent candid interview, show’s lead, Ben McKenzie voiced out that Gotham would be adopting a different serialised approach for the second season. He went on to add, “I think we made a mistake relatively early on in trying to introduce a villain and take care of that villain in one episode, catch them, send them to Arkham, do whatever.” From such a singular episode based format, Gotham is looking at adopting a carefully strewn series where every character within the broad serialised show would mature and grow into, something on the lines of other DC comics-based TV shows like CW’s Arrow and The Flash. One of the reasons of The Flash’s success was attributed to the writer’s skill of penning down single exciting episodes of the Flash’s superhero crusade while all of it being woven into a serialised format that keeps the viewers hooked onto and yearn for more.

So with Gotham’s narrative being tweaked, one may expect a deep dive into the show’s characters layering it across the entire season.



So now that we’ve made all the interesting speculations for the upcoming season, here’s what the premier tells us (No Spoilers).

Kicking in with the second season that premiers 21 September in ‘Damned if you do’ Gotham reignites with Jim Gordon’s fiery attitude but under-changed circumstances. After being demoted to a traffic cop for insubordination, Jim is tactfully suspended from his cop duties. Geared with the spirit to do the ‘Greater Good’ and wash out Gotham of all the crime-infested activities, Jim undertakes a task so against his moralist nature by joining hands with Season 1’s evil-star, Oswald Cobblepot or The Penguin played by Robin Lord Taylor and now Gotham’s acting new Crime-Boss.

The first episode also brings in more screen-time for the Arkham inmate, Jerome whose maniacal behavior has sprouted rumors of him being the Joker. Also introducing a new villainous character, Theo Galavan, the episode promises his evil plans to span across this season giving our beloved cop a real tough-time as Theo for starters master-minds an Arkham Asylum breakout. At the outskirts of Gotham, at Wayne Manor, young adamant Bruce is hell-bent of finding what the mysterious secret underground room holds and he along with his loyal butler Alfred are willing to get their hands as dirty as possible to unravel these secrets.

The show also stars Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth and Carmen Bicondova as Selina Kyle.

So what do you think about Gotham’s new season as the comic-adapted TV show edges closer to the Dark Knight rising out his bat-cave.

Gotham will air on Fox starting 21 September on every Monday.

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