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The Hyderabad Comic-Con 2015 that will be featuring over 100 exhibitors, including artists, writers & creators from all over India and is going to be held at Hitex Exhibition Centre on 12 and 13 September. The comic con will witness launch of 7 new titles like Shaitaan by Holy Cow Entertainment, Item Dhamaka – Godsmack part 2 by Aayumi Productions, Tinkle & Tobi by Sai Animation, Vrica by ICBM Comics and Legends of Yuck Man by Smarak Swain among the most awaited and exclusive book launches at the convention. is listing out few details about the comics that are going to be launched at the event along with their cover art work.

Shaitan by Holycow Entertainment


‘Shaitan’ (Issue 3 of 4) by Holy Cow Entertainment

Holy Cow is one of the few creators owned comic publisher in India. The small team works out of the Navi Mumbai studio and the founder Vivek Goel is involved in the entire process of buying the paper, ink and pencils to ideating to even delivering the copies at times. The house of major successful comics Ravanayan and Aghori presents its latest classic cult – Shaitan.

The first two issues of Shaitan that were published earlier in 2015 will now see its sequel. The story continues where the plot thickens for Major Shaitan Singh and the last remnants of Sword Company. Deep underground, in the realm of absolute darkness humanity must band together and face its worst fears. Enter the labyrinth underneath Astola Island and uncover the secrets from the Second World War, buried here and thought lost forever. Discover the depth of the true horror that stalks these caves. The monster that created an army of monsters; it is time for Shaitan to face his nemesis. Heroes will fall while demons rise.

Witness this ancient tale brought back to life by the power packed duo of Gaurav Srivastav and Anirudh Singh as we gain unbreakable momentum with issue 3 of 4.

Ashes by Red Streak Publications

‘Ashes – Adhish origins’ by Redstreak Publications

There’s a new publication in town – Redstreak publication – who will be presenting their first issue “ASHES” where we will witness the journey of a boy encompassed within his fears, overcoming it to become something greater.

Evil does not suddenly rises up in a day. Evil is always there, constantly observing, being a silent bystander, growing, inflicting itself in small doses then a time comes, of chaos, a time of turmoil at such times only, the fate of the society is determined… will it submit itself to Evil or will someone rise to give hope to the people to rely upon.

Witness how courage is avowed in the face of devastation in this debut comic.

Item Dhmaka by Aayumi Productions

‘Item Dhamaka – Godsmack Part 2’ by Aayumi Productions

It’s almost a year since Aayumi Productions has started and three books have been launched till date, Kaal- Reap what you sow, Kaal Aarambh and Item Dhamaka – Godsmack part 1.

The Item Dhamaka series is about a dynamic duo: Urvashi, a scorned Apsara banished from Devloka and Prahlad, a pacifist Asura exiled from Asurloka who team up together on earth to fight against a conspiracy that has spilled out from the heavens. The Godsmack part 2 will revolve around the mysterious Sharma family who are revealed to be a couple of Devas disguised as a middle class couple (no pun intended) and their pre-teen son Guddu who happens to be Kartikeya, the God of War. Kartikeya has shifted his base of operations from Swarg and to earth. His mission is to keep an eye on the various otherworldly Devas and Asuras posing as humans on earth. When the attack on Bewafa Bar by the miscreant brats is reported on TV, he immediately understands there’s foul play. Kartikeya recruits Item and Dhamaka in his team and go out to investigate the source of the divine drug Godsmack. They don’t even know what they are getting into.

The Legend of yuckman by Samark Swain

‘The Legends of Yuck Man’ by Smarak Swain 

The Legends of Yuck Man by Smarak Swain which is currently available on all major e-commerce platforms will have a formal launch at the Hyderabad Comic Con.  The Legend of Yuck-Man is a fresh addition to prose on superheroes. It introduces an Indian super-villain called Yuck-Man. Yuck-Man is a young boy who turns into a monster after getting exposed to industrial effluents and waste. Whoever has ever witnessed Yuckman in person has exclaimed in horror “Yuck!”

Bold and villainous that he is, Yuckman gets nervous in the company of young ladies. He would go to any length to comfort a damsel in distress, although his post-modern looks and smelly ecosystem are what causes distress to damsels in the first place. Intelligence officers from Military Intelligence (MI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) are unable to outsmart our adorable super-villain; so they send a female agent to seduce him. Yuck-Man, who daydreams of being seduced by a pretty girl, manages to impress the female agent posing as a dancer. What follows is a tragedy of errors…

The story of Yuck-Man negates the idea of the superhero. It shows how the first mutant would not arise from any genetic engineering but will evolve to adapt with our polluting environment. The new race of mutants will have better capacity to adapt with polluting environment. The very first of such mutants would be a lumpen proletariat, a simpleton with basic hedonistic desires. When such a man finds himself bestowed with superpowers, mayhem will result.


‘VRICA: Ascension Protocol – Part 1’ by ICBM Comics

The Chariot Comics launched a new Indian comic series which didn’t follow the traditional mythology based concept but was more on the lines of a military-superhero action comic and gave birth to the company’s flagship series – VRICA, which became Chariot Comics’ bestseller graphic novel. The ICBM (Indian Comics Badass Multiverse) is collaboration between Chariot Comics and Meta Desi Comics.

VRICA: Ascension Protocol is the epic two part conclusion to the award-nominated and critically acclaimed VRICA: Dawn of the Wolf. This two-part military-political action-adventure, two years in the making, finds our protagonists handling the consequences of their actions in “Dawn”. They are still searching for Shadow17, whose attacks have become more powerful and personal.

The team and especially their leader – Rohan, find themselves finally understanding the price of power, and doing the right thing for their country. Set parallel to Team VRICA’s final ascension is another story, spanning history, war and the freedom struggles. Good luck connecting the dots till Part 2.

This year Sai Animation will be seen launching two new comics at the Hyderabad comic con viz Tinkle and Tobi and Chase – The Battle Begins.

Tinkle & Tobi by Sai Comics

Tinkle and Tobi

This story revolves around two main characters – Tinkle a girl and Tobi the boy. They are in same class, same neighbourhood and are friends at one time & rival other time. It’s a pure kid’s adventure comic, which portrays the happenings in their day to day life. Each issue will have a new story on the adventures of these both.

Chase – The Battle Begins

This story revolves around a rich girl being kidnapped, who is a daughter of a very powerful business tycoon. Because of the kidnapping, detectives enter the story and lots of fun takes place. Chase is an action comic with fights and full on movie masala.

Comic lovers gear up as many interesting comic launches will be witnessed at the Hyderabad comic con.

Chase by Sai Comics

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