What’s happening at Hyderabad Comic Con 2015: Preview

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Comic Con India has been dedicated to creating unique events and giving the fans, exhibitors and partners a platform to celebrate their undying love and passion for comics & pop culture. The organisation has contributed immensely towards expanding India’s popular culture by creating high profile events that cater to fans of not only comics, but also, gaming, movies, television, merchandise, toys & more.

The 2014 edition of the Hyderabad Comic Con didn’t manage to generate a great deal of action on the comic front with a drop in sales and comic makers reportedly mentioned that there was more merchandise sold than their comics. This year Comic Con returns to the city with a renewed sense of confidence and rigour. Hyderabad Comic Con 2015 will be featuring over 100 exhibitors, including artists, writers & creators from all over India and Hyderabad.

Comic Con India founder Jatin Varma shared: “We at Comic Con India are excited to come back to our favourite city, Hyderabad! The convention in its third year is bigger & better than before. We have a stellar guest and content line up and can’t wait for the fans to come over and join us for the show! We hope to make it their best weekend of the year! ”

The show which is spread over 40,000 sq feet will be having the main stage area at the convention that will feature 24 hours of programming, including the biggest Cosplay contest in the city. The show will witness 7 exclusive comic book launches and will feature experiential zones as well.

HCC 2015 -International Guest

Famous international personalities like Matt Melvin, author of Cyanide and Happiness and The Last Nerds; Miya Tomoko & Moe Tsurumi, professional Japanese Cosplayers and Kevin Hamric, Director, VIZ Media will be attending and taking special sessions at HCC 2015.

The event is not all about comics but has something for gamers and tech enthusiasts as well. There will be exclusive experiential and gaming zones at the event. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Experience Zone will have an experience zone for fans, with art installations and gaming. Smaaash Virtual Reality Zone will be setting up a one of a kind gaming experience for the fans. The zone will feature a mix of virtual reality and other interactive games. The fans can come and enjoy the games free of cost. EA Entertainment Gaming Zone will be hosting sessions taking fans behind the scenes of some of their most popular games.

Other exclusive Experiential Zones at Hyderabad Comic Con include Nodwin Gaming’s Comic Con India Live Zone & Roboland Zone. Comic Con India LIVE will bring the Comic Con experience to the audience at home live. At Roboland there’s a line up of Robots developed and created in India, and they will be performing some stunts for the fans.

Hyderabad Comic Con 2015-Cosplay

Cosplay (Costume Contest), one of the major attractions at Comic Con India, will continue to give assured prizes to everyone in costume. There are five categories spread across Comic book/graphic novel; Animated Series/Movie; Manga/Anime; Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Gaming, which will allow one winner in each category every day, with one lucky winner out of the chosen five getting a chance to win a ticket to Thailand.

Along with all these attractions, Comic Con India is making a new addition to Hyderabad Comic Con this year called YouTube Stage. YouTube will be creating a fan experience zone at the show which will feature popular YouTube stars and will give the fans an opportunity to interact with them. The fans can buy YouTube merchandises as well.

Coming to the ‘real stars’ of the event – Comics; in the comic section around 7 new titles will get launched at the convention. Shaitaan by Holy Cow Entertainment, Item DhamakaGodsmack part 2 by Aayumi Productions, Tinkle & Tobi by Sai Animation, Vrica by ICBM Comics and Legends of Yuck Man by Smarak Swain will be among the most awaited and exclusive book launches at the convention.

Ron Marz with Fans

Fans will find an ‘Artist Alley’ at the HCC 2015. It is a zone, exclusively featuring artists from all over India and Hyderabad. It will give fans an opportunity to interact with artists, illustrators, designers working for comics and related fields. The alley will feature artists like Nikhil Gulati, Saumin Suresh Patel, Reshmi Chandrashekhar, Milan Preet, Manasa Madhuri, Garima Shukla and many more. Well known creators like Vivek Goel from Holy Cow Entertainment, Aniruddho Chakraborty from Chariot comics and Prasad Bhatt from Graphicurry will be at the show as well.

The event will also have a unique fan-made costumes and models booth called Station Cafe, where there will be customised Iron Man Suit, Captain America’s Lemurian Star and Thor’s Mjolnir on display. Here fans can buy DC & MARVEL, Masters Of The Universe and other replicas – wood & metal castings and lathe fabrications of Superman, Batman, Thor’s Mjolnir, He-man’s Power Sword etc.

There will also be exclusive merchandise by Indian merchandisers, including Comic Con India Store, Wacom, Bewakoof Brands, Hysteria, Wear Your Opinion, Chulbul, Silver Carvings, Captain Kyso, Macmerise, Planet Superheroes, Being Hyderabadi, Lazy Ninja, Graphicurry, Hangout Store, Urbanzaa, Bushirt, Comic Gadget and lots more!

The main participants for the Hyderabad Comic Con 2015 include: Amar Chitra Katha, Orange Radius, Pop Culture Publishing, Campfire Graphic Novel, Holy Cow Entertainment, HarperCollins Publishers, Aayumi Productions, Raj Comics, Red Streak Publications, Scholastic India and many more.

Well you can catch all the action at Ground Zero come 12 and 13 September at the Hitex Exhibition Centre in Hyderabad!

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