5 things to look forward to from Season 2 of The Flash

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After the stupendous success of the CW’s hot property and Arrow spinoff The Flash, the superhero TV show based on the characters from DC Comics returns to the small-screen today with is second power-packed season.

The official synopsis of the first episode airing tonight reads as Picking up months after the Singularity attacked Central City, Barry is still struggling to forgive himself for Eddie’s death. Concerned about putting his friends in danger, Barry has pushed everyone away and has chosen to protect the city on his own. When a meta-human named Atom Smasher attacks the city, Iris tells Barry that he needs to let his friends help him protect the citizens of Central City. Meanwhile, Cisco helps Joe with his Meta Task Force.

Reprising his radiant and charming role as Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash, Grant Gustin returns with the rest of the cast which too have been confirmed as this season’s regulars.

The first season kicked-off by retelling the origin story of Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash who is struck by a lightning-bolt transforming him into a meta-human with the powers of being incredibly super-fast.  The honest page to screen comic adaptation, together with the one-episode crisp story-telling format and amazing visual effects strewn in propelled the first season to be the networks most watched show with its premier itself garnering over 6.8 million viewership. Running successfully throughout its 23 episodes’ run, the first season built an amazing arc for the Flash universe with great character developments. It also introduced a host of new super-villains keeping our speedster occupied while also simultaneously driving the whole Reverse Flash saga.

With the new season kicking in and the cast and crew promising to take the Flash to a whole new level and deeper into the DC Comic universe, we at the TheGraphicSlate.com point out what may keep you hooked onto the second season.

Multi-Universe kicking in – In the first season, Barry was trained by Dr. Harrison Wells aka the Reverse Flash to fun faster each time as he went on to fight the bad guys. In this endeavor, Barry ran fast enough to shatter the time barrier and travel back in time creating a chance to have an alternate timeline. This gave the makers of the show, vivid possibilities to play with multiple universes. Also as per confirmed reports the second season would gradually set an Earth 2 arc. With the whole Earth 2 storyline settling in, it goes without saying that our superhero Barry would shoulder much more heroic responsibilities than saving Central city and go about running across universes to be a hero in a bigger way.


New Villains to the Rogues’ gallery – The second season too wouldn’t shy away in introducing a host of new villains to The Flash’s ledger; latest confirmed being a former WWE wrestler, Edge as the Atom Smasher. Also with Jay Garrick’s alternate universe, the writers would surely have ample of villainous characters to play with, eagerly awaited being Caitlin Snow as Emily Frost whose Easter Egg was laid in the first season. Also in line are Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy both being an integral part of the rogues’ gallery in the comic space. Playing a vital role throughout the second season would also be the Flash’s worst adversary Zoom, who is in particularly involved with the Wally West story-line and is a speedster faster than the flash himself. In a recent interview, The Flash’s showrunner, executive producer Gabrielle Stanton, commented that, “Zoom is very scary. Zoom will make Reverse-Flash seem like “Oh, he’s here to sell girl-scout cookies.”  So Central City is just about to get a whole lot bad!

Aid of new Heroes – At the recent San Diego Comic Con, the entire panel of The Flash set the stage ablaze announcing the second season loaded with new characters including Wally West a.k.a The Third Flash and as per comics, Barry Allen and Iris West’s nephew. With the back and forth time travel accomplished by Barry in the first season, it isn’t a surprise that Barry is visited by his nephew from the future. Also the Jay Garrick Easter Egg in ‘Fast Enough’ confirmed another heroic speedster with apparently a mission to warn our Flash (Barry). Stanton hinted that Jay would be kind off mentoring him while also aiding him from an evil threat and as the season progresses. Finally Cisco’s mysterious meta-human ability that we saw in the last episodes of the first season hint at him being Vibe, who has per comic books, has seismic powers and sonic vibration manipulation. Apart from these we may also see Brandon Routh’s Atom and Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow throwing in appearance alongside Barry.

From lightning streak to savior – In the entirety of the first season, Barry Allen’s Flash scooted around Central City as a lightning streak protecting the folks from the bad guys. With only closed ones knowing him as The Flash, we saw the climax pushing our scarlet speedster in the city’s limelight as he runs across flying debris to save his city from a worm-hole created right in the sky. As the season ends at this climatic scene, we surely would see a different Central City in this season, one that knows and hopefully accepts The Flash as a savior amongst them. The first episode itself unveils ‘Flash Day’ wherein the city honors the scarlet speedster for his heroism. This wouldn’t just give our goofy, geeky Barry an enthusiastic motivation to be the hero but will also draw out more open challenges to him, so some visually treating action sequences are coming our way for sure!

Strings of the past – The makers of the show have promised to unload too many additions and new comers onto the second season but considering the story arcs where the first left, we surely would see many of the strings connected.  Reprising their roles, Candice Patton as Iris West, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Carlos Valdes as Cisco and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West would all be returning as season regulars. Along with pushing Barry to newer limits, this season would also dive deeper into the supporting character’s stories especially with Grant Gustin’s tear-jerking performances with his father, Joe and his dying mother gave the show an edge over many others in its category. Characters like Firestorm and frequent cross-overs with the CW’s Arrow too would be thrilling the audiences while connecting the dots to another spin off in the making, Legends of Tomorrow that airs sometime next year. On the villainous side too, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) maybe creating havoc for our speedster again.

So what do you think about the second season of The Flash? Will it live up to the expectations set by the first or are we all only looking forward to The Flash on the big-screen forming a part of the DC Cinematic Universe? Do dig on the season season of The Flash that premieres tonight in ‘The Man who save Central City’ tonight on The CW.

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