‘Visuals always speak louder than words’, is what Broadcast2World believes!

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The internet has brought about a new revolution in the world of new start-ups and all a business needs in today’s day and age to kick-start itself is an idea, a website and an effective medium to get its message across to the right audience.

That’s where many start-ups and even established brands are now considering exploring differentiated brand messaging by using animation and info graphics as a communication tool. And a Delhi-based start-up which dared to dream big back in 2009 has grown from strength to strength from being just a two member team to now having over 80 enthusiastic young minds, who have helped many dreamers live their aspirations.

Broadcast2World is a one-stop web service solution provider, which has served the needs of many of its clients and is already valued at over a million dollars! But their story has just begun and the team believes they have a long journey to travel.

Speaking from the heart, Broadcast2World CEO Sunny Arora opens up on how he thought of setting up B2W, his vision for the company and what lies ahead, while also giving a few interesting insights on how the visual communication medium has grown over the years.


When did the thought of starting Broadcast2World come about?

It was 2009, and the explainer video industry took birth in US. But that time there were no outsourcing companies who could take up that kind of work and match the global design standards. We recognised this gap, and started Broadcast2world with the passion and belief in the concept of animated marketing to be the next revolution.

Sunny Arora

The use of visuals (graphs, images, animation, etc) for communication is becoming more common now, what are you doing differently?

B2W is an eclectic team of young and passionate storytellers that leverage visual storytelling to connect organizations with their target audiences. Our consultants and designers are able to understand the clients’ core value proposition and translate the same in totality for their audience in a creative and immersive manner. Broadcast2world has a one point agenda, i.e. to provide best quality animated videos at most affordable price. We have produced 1500+ videos in last 5 years.

What kind of budgets do you work around? And which space do your biggest client belong to?

We work around different budgets keeping in mind the scope of work. We have designed the packages according to clients’ requirements and segregated them based on the efforts (man-hours) required to produce the video.  All of these packages cover all animation styles and cover everything from Concept, Script, Graphics, Animation and Voice-over.To name a few packages that we have are:

  • Motion Training – $995 for 60 seconds- This package is designed considering the training videos and has the least requirement of animation in it.
  • Motion Teaser – $1995- Motion teaser is a package which focuses mainly on teasers andTvcommercials.
  • Motion Explainer – $2495 for 60 seconds-This is designed for explainer videos which can be used by industries to educate their customers about their product & services. This is one of the bestsellingpackages.
  • Motion Flick – $3995 for 60 seconds- This package involves videos with high-end 2D graphics.

Idea Creation

What are your thoughts on using visual marketing as a medium to achieve business goals? Share a few success stories from the past.

I feel that the power of visuals is unbeatable and it is one of the most important tools in digital marketing today. A survey released recently shows the presence of images as one of the deciding factors for clicking on search results. According to the survey done by Search Engine Land and Survey Monkey, it is the fourth most important deciding factor, coming in after brand name, promos and discounts offered, and free delivery. This, along with the growing popularity of image and video-sharing social networks among users, presents a ripe opportunity for marketing in a way that entices multiple senses of your target audience.

Visual storytelling allows you to promote your clients without necessarily having to tell people about them.  The whole idea of this type of marketing is that it is easy to understand, grabs attention and has a personal touch to which your target canrelate.The power of visual content explains how companies and brands can develop a strategic visual marketing strategy as an extension of their overall marketing and social media plans.

The trick to using visual media for marketing is very clear– it’s less about you and more about your audience. Finding your audience, knowing what they want to see (whether it’s a short video, an image-on-demand, or an infographic about your topic of expertise), and communicating with them using visual media is the core process to delivering more targeted and powerful visual content. Use this with your online marketing strategy and you’ll see more positive responses from your audience in no time.

I would like to share one success story from one of our clients from the B2B industry. The organization saw over 100K views for its first video in just 5 months. For the first time, a B2B client witnessed these kinds of numbers. The client was so happy from the results that they came back to us with 3 more requests.

Mostly such marketing tools are used only on a B2B platform, keeping in mind production costs, how cost effective can it be for a B2C or a C2C business model?

Production cost differs according toanimation style or kind of video the client is looking for. If we talk about a B2C or a C2C business model then the starting cost will be somewhere close to $1000-$1500. The cost is definitely less if compared to live shoot videos.

How has the medium of visual marketing grown? Where do you see it heading in the next few years?

Medium of visual marketing has grown progressively over time. It has become custom-made, with advance statistics and analysis techniques which help brands to learn about their customers and use relevantcontent to convince them. Decisions are based on data and not intuition.

Evolution of visual marketing:

  • The use of videos will continue to rise. Organizations are going to use more and more explainer videos in the coming years to convey their brand messages.
  • Visual storytelling will be the next big thing. This will make each brand message unique and enhance the brand name. Visual storytelling will convey beyond the brand message and highlight the aesthetics behind it.
  • The mobile phone will become a unique market place that will be leveraged by marketers to push their visual content and attract customers on a real-time basis.

Idea Sharing

There is a lot of animation that is used to communicate the brand message, how is it better or otherwise to work in the live action medium in advertising?

Animation today is not restricted to kids only and it is well accepted by people as a lot of creativity and imagination goes into these videos. Animation is extremely appealing, whether it is a motion graphic, infographic, 2D or 3D they all have good recall value by the target audience.

As compared to live action videos, animation:

  • Resonates better with the target audience when a human emotion is added to it
  • It is cost effective. For a live action advertisement there will be cost involved for shooting equipment, cost of location, props and of course actors/models.
  • With animation your customers can make last minutes changes or after a long period of time as well.
  • There are no limitations while presenting the idea. The storyboard can be created as per the client’s requirement, which is not always possible with live action advertisements.
  • Animated videos give life to imagination. Everything which can be imagined can be created with the help of animation. That is not the case with live action videos.

Putting the thoughts on paper

Animation creation

Earlier, (say late 90s and early 2000s) there was heavy use of animation by big brands to communicate their proposition to consumers, but the trend stopped, only to again come into being fairly recently. Your thoughts.

The trend really started when Internet giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter etc. started using animated videos for their marketing communication; then industry followed the same and rest is history. Today, a significant number of startup companies rely on a prominent overview video on their home page, and as studies showed videos usually improved conversion rates by 15 per cent – 75 per cent. But I think most important ingredient of any successful video is story that drives it, our primary goal here is to create stories that drive results for our clients.

Where do you get your animation done for the videos, do you have an in-house team or do you outsource most of the work?

Our team of 100+ creative artists like concept artists, researchers, script writers, graphic designers and animators does it all in-house. The only outsourced part is voiceover. We work under a streamlined process designed for minimizing our turnaround time while ensuring your complete involvement through all stages.

Character sketching inpiration

Whole video production process includes 4 stages:

Research & Script: This is the first step in our process and the most crucial one. After understanding your requirements in detail through a project questionnaire and conference calls, a professional script writer is tasked with creating the script for your video. Based on the research the initial draft is made and sent to the client for approval within 3 business days. We allow two revisions at this stage.

Voiceover: Choose from our talented pool of VO artists, both male and female, covering a wide range of accents and languages. The intonation and modulation of the voice over, recorded in a professional studio, will be according to your precise instructions. We offer 2-3 takes from the artist based on the project requirements, so it is convenient for you to choose the best option and we’ll not be able to allow any revisions at this stage apart from technical errors. We take 2-3 business days to deliver the voice-over for your review.

Character Design & Storyboard:We first design the character for story based videos and send you for approval. Once the character is finalized we start working on the storyboard, which is a visual presentation giving you a glimpse of your final video, through illustrations of consecutive shots with detailed description of action and movement. It includes computer generated graphic, or colored theme shot which gives you the visual representation of how your video is going to look like in the end. We generally take 5-7 working days to deliver the first version and we allow two revisions at this stage.

Graphic &Animation: The most demanding and work-intensive stage of the process, it’s here that we bring your video to life. Final graphics are created based on your approved storyboard and animated along with accompanying voice over and background music. The changes at this stage are very minimal if any are required at all. Here’s what we will change or fix free:

  • Spelling, grammar or punctuation errors
  • Animations that depart substantially from the animation guidance provided in the approved story boards
  • Timing issues where the onscreen movement doesn’t match the voice over
  • Sound problems such as volume, sound effect placement ortiming of either

Having been in the advertising space, how and what have been the significant changes in the last decade (be it use of technology, different platforms, more focus on content, etc)

A lot has changed in the advertising and marketing industry since post the social-media era. If we think back in time and draw a comparison of the past and current scenario, it will be hard to believe how we missed out on so many opportunities. The three major changes that I would like to share with you are:

  • Engagement- Earlier, a lot of thinking andfocus used to go on the impressions and reach of a particular brand. Whereas, now it is all about how you as a brand connect with your consumers. Effective engagement with the consumers has not only helped consumers connect better with the brand but also it gives them a clearer picture about the company.
  • Social Media- It seems like the entire world is on social media and for a brand to connect with its consumers effectively, there is no better place than a social media platform. Through social media one can reach out to a greater number of target audiences.
  • Video Advertising: By looking at the trends it seems that soon there will be a time when videos will dominate print and other offline advertising. Consumers prefer graphics over text, engaging content, and data that is easy to consume. Thus video advertising became the most promising means for advertisers to reach their target

Name any 3 advertisements from 2015 which have left a lasting impression on you and made you think wish we would have thought of that?

The three most influential ads of 2015 are:

Signs of Autism- Jacob’s Story – Autism Awareness

Amazing character designs and use of 3D stop-motion Art.Great concept and strong emotional story which TG can relate to. Wonderfully imagined fantasy world inspired by real life events of a boy called Jacob who is suffering from Autism.

 The Seed and the Moon by Umpqua Bank  

Visually stunning, short, beautiful and simple. Magical narrative that hit the key themes of hope, empowerment and triumph.It shows how something relatively ordinary, that we take for granted, can transform into something spectacular.

Adobe Marketing Cloud (The Launch: Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing?) 

The space theme is amusingly overblown, but still relatable for marketers who have faced the similar situation. Clear and concise message shown in a fun and creative way, which people can remember and relate to.We believe that a combination of strong concept, amazing script and visually stunning representation can help you achieve any results you expect from the video.

Finally, what next for Broadcast2World and what do you believe is required for other brands to also explore using more of visual marketing for their communication vehicles?

After US we are seeing a huge startup revolution in India and I think our journey will continue as new ideas keep coming into the market. But right now we specifically focus on three key areas:

  1. Using technology to keep optimizing the cost of creating engaging video content for start-ups and small companies.
  2. Keep experimenting with new techniques of video making and polishing our skills of creating awesome handcrafted videos for our high end customers.
  3. Exploring video marketing techniques to help our customers drive maximum ROI from their investment in video content.


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