When I went bald…

Socialize it

Monday morning. Beginning of another week. I had decided to get up with the lark and I did so. It was really not my fault that it didn’t come earlier. Cooking skip, breakfast skip… office? Can’t skip!

… Why do my lovely tresses decide to look disgruntled today of all the days! Sigh why are you so disobedient… That’s it! I am going bald. I had been toying with this idea for some time now… Decision made!

I spoke my mind to my friends… “Hey I will not talk to you”. “Are you out of your mind?” “She has lost it.” “Great… But do you have the guts?” Drone drone drone…. That clinched it. No looking back. After all what’s hair? Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis, or skin. It grows back when it is cut.


Courageously I walked into a salon after work.

The lady at the salon refused to shave my head saying, “No no no, I don’t do that sort of stuff.” I wondered what she was talking about and tried to explain to her why I wanted to shave my head not cut it off. She offered to give me a nice hair cut which would look good on me. Disappointed I walked out.

Not the kind of person who gives up easily I decided to do it myself. Another experience! With the help of some enthusiastic friends (what are friends for) I got to work on my head.

Snip! Snip! went the pair of scissors, watching my hair pile up at my feet suddenly made me doubt my decision for a moment but it was too late to change my mind now. I reminded myself that this was my own idea and that it would be great no matter what.


I felt lightheaded.

It was really liberating and I wondered why I had taken so long to make up my mind about it. I rushed to a mirror to take a look at myself. A combination of a pixie and an alien smiled back at me. ‘My! What big ears you have’… ‘What big eyes you have’ quoting Red Riding Hood. I immediately fell in love with my bald self.

Feeling very pleased with myself I stepped out into a slight drizzle. Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head… exhilarating!

Standing under the shower was never so fun. After a shower the cool breeze felt even cooler on the wet surface.

Walking to work was another story altogether. I was stared at… as people in Trivandrum weren’t accustomed to seeing bald women everyday 😉


My colleagues took a double take when they saw me.

Dad refused to look at the pictures I sent my parents… Mom was taken aback but did not disapprove of the idea completely.

What really amused me though were the questions posed to me by the people I met… “What on earth have you done to yourself?”, “What is wrong with you?” And “Are you mad or what?” were the top three FAQs for the day.

Concerned relatives asked me if I had cancer, while the religious ones wanted to know if I visited Tirupathi and asked me for the famous prasad. “Sorry, I ate it all!” was what I had as a ready reply. I was happy with what I had done and cared less about the thoughts of other people.

Well, my hair is growing back now and I don’t get as much attention as I used to. I had a wonderful experience being bald and wouldn’t mind doing it again if I feel like it. No matter what one does it is hard to please everyone. But certainly that is not going to stop me from doing something different and having a new experience if I want to.


The author – Anagha Varma – is a bright young 2D artist/animator. She specialises in the pre-production pipeline – which includes character design, storyboarding, background design, etc. This is a personal experience of the author, penned in her own words along with her hand-drawn illustrations.

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