Ralph Bakshi returns to the world of animation with ‘Last Days of Coney Island’

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American legendary animator, Ralph Bakshi, is all set to release yet another 22-minute animated film Last days of Coney Island nationwide exclusively on Vimeo on 29 October, 2015. On the day of the celebration of his 77th birthday, this movie will also mark the comeback of the animation mastermind, with a career spanning over six decades.

Created, written, directed single-handedly the animated 22-minute movie is described as below: “A mafia horror pic set in the 1960s in the Coney Island with political undertones that are both realistic and outrageous. It is a violent collage of characters, all striving to get somewhere. They can’t because they don’t know how to proceed without destroying everything, but still they try. They are all sitting in the first car on a Coney Island roller coaster going downhill fast.”

Having monumental experience in animation, Bakshi has created all the backgrounds for the movie which will be produced by his son Edward Bakshi. The main characters are voiced by Omar Jones, Rick Singer, Tina Romanus, Esperanza Quintero and Robert Costanzo.

An industry veteran, Bakshi began his career at the age of 18 with a television cartoon studio called Terrytoons. Slowly moving on to the animated division of Paramount Pictures, he established his own studio Bakshi Productions in 1968 to provide an alternative to mainstream animation through independent and adult oriented productions. His biggest hit Fritz The Cat was also the first animated film to be accepted at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the most successful independent animated feature of all time. He is also known for his works like Wizards, The Lord of the Rings, American Pop and Fire and Ice. 

Returning to his love for animation, Bakshi directed live-action films This Ain’t Bebop, Cool World, Cool and the Crazy and the anthology series Spicy City. Moreover, he has developed a new generation of fans in the digital age with his presence on social media and managed to raise $174,000 from 1,290 fans and backers from across major continents through a kickstarter online campaign. And these funds have fueled to make this animated feature a reality.

Known to give something unique with his every work, Last days of Coney Island too will bring something different for the audience. Although focusing on painting recently, the legend has marked his return to filmmaking with something that is very close to his heart – classical 2D animation.

Here is the trailer

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