Never seen enthusiastic outtakes of Robin Williams as Aladdin’s Genie

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What is the common thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Popeye ‘or ‘Night at the Museum’ Undoubtedly, the lively image of the late actor-comedian Robin Williams who passed away in August 2014.   

Some unseen footage from the immortal actor’s life have come to fore. The new creative outtakes feature the legendary star, Robin Williams, who lent his voice for Disney’s most lovable character Genie from the epic animated movie Aladdin (1992). These outtakes will feature in the new “Aladdin: Diamond Edition” Blu-ray that will hit stores on Tuesday, 13 October.

The cast members of the movie paid their tributes to the late actor on ‘Good Morning America’ show where they all agreed on the basic principle that the movie was a huge hit due to the enthusiasm and energy of Robin Williams.

Directors Ron Clements and John Musker had written Genie’s role keeping Robin Williams in mind without even officially signing him for the project. Clements believed, “There was nobody else who could be the Genie for he had so much energy and so much passion and fortunately he agreed to do it.” John Musker admitted, “If Robin had said no, we were in big trouble because the whole concept was built around him.”

The late star clearly got very animated during the voiceover sessions as he can be seen voicing the Genie in several scenes, and in each one he uses his hands to act out the legendary character’s movements. The clip is accompanied by a brand new series of images drawn by supervising animator Eric Goldberg. Robin not only voiced the dialogues but went a step ahead to even produce vocal sounds for various activities of the Genie. With his transcendent energy and outstanding creativity, he brought the fictional character to life . It seems like he was ‘The fictional Genie’ in the recording booth!

Goldberg said, “When Robin got in front of the mic for the first time, out came all of the celebrity impressions, and I knew we needed to keep them in there.” In fact, the directors tailored many of the Genie’s most memorable scenes around Robin’s spontaneous and hilarious improvisational styling in the recording booth.

The clip truly portrays that nobody but Robin Williams, the man with immense passion for his work, could do it! Robin Williams lives vividly in Genie through his voice and character.

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