Meet the ‘Rajs and Simrans’ of the animated world

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An epitome of romance supported with evergreen songs, an immortal pair, breathtaking scenery, super-hit dialogues is what makes the perfect Bollywood masala flick an all time blockbuster. Released on 19th October 1995, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, a blockbuster from the Yashraj films banner, which also happened to be Aditya Chopra’s directorial debut, had all the ingredients of a ‘Paisa Wasool’ story.

The match up of a rich brat yet highly romantic Raj and a simple homely girl Simran, who overcome all the barriers, leading to the beautiful alliance of togetherness and to showcase the triumph of true love, was what made this reel-life couple set a perfect example of pure love and subtle romance.

Essayed seamlessly by Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, this movie set the pace for the careers of these two very fine actors, after which there was no looking back. Today, even after 20 years of the movie’s official release; this couple still continues to rule the hearts of audiences and has set a benchmark of romance which is a tough row to hoe for all the reel-life newbies. On account of the Raj and Simran’s 20 years of togetherness, we at bring to you those animated couples who are no less than a Raj-Simran in the animated world.



The story of a multi-layered and strong princess falling in love with a street rat of Agrabah, Aladdin  in itself tells us how amusing yet difficult this Disney’s love story was. Overcoming all the barriers that came across their romantic voyage; be it the class, the king or their biggest threat-Jafar; Jasmine and Aladdin fought against all the odds and made their love emerge victorious. This Disney movie which was released in 1992 had been adapted from the Arabian classic folktale, Aladdin and the One Thousand and One Nights. It was considered to be one the most successful film of 1992, earning over $217 million in revenue in the United States, and over $504 million worldwide.



Remember the parents of the 101 Dalmatians who together fought against all odds to rescue their offsprings from the evil clutches of Cruella De Vil, who abducts their puppies. The difficult yet topsy turvy way of these progenitors on the way to rescue their babies earned this Disney feature loads of love from all ages. 101 Dalmatians released in 1962, stays fresh  forever in our minds, even after so many decades.



The togetherness of an ogre and a beautiful princess stating that true love lies beyond physical appearance, into inner beauty of a person; that is what matters the most after all is what Shrek and Fiona taught us. Fiona redefined the true meaning of love when she saw the inner beauty of the ugly but overwhelming ogre and the two decided to be together going against all odds. Released in 2001, this DreamWorks production was a huge success at the box office.


Pocahontas-John Smith

Pocahontas, another classic cult from Disney Animation was inspired by folklore neighbouring the Native American woman Pocahontas and portrayed her historical and romantic encounter with an Englishman John Smith who had arrived from the Virginia Company. The movie marks one of the few times a Disney romance has ended on an unhappy note since the love between Native American Pocahontas and Englishman John Smith remains unfulfilled. Their short but strong journey of togetherness going against all the rigid and pre-conceived notions of the society; living the love was what made Pocahontas  a magnificent romantic movie. Released in 1995, the movie was a commercial success, grossing $346 million at the worldwide box office.



The love story that revolved around Tarzan, a boy from the wild and a sophisticated town girl, Jane who did not fall in love at the first sight unlike other Disney tales. The more the adorable duo explored each other, the more they fell in love and by the time they completely understood each other’s personality, they were head over heels in love. In spite of all the odds, the major hurdle being their society, Tarzan and Jane still continued to love each other while Jane slowly taught Tarzan to behave like a human by living around people from the civilised society and come out of his adaptability to the wild.

Interesting Facts

Not many know that Aditya Chopra’s first choice to play  Raj was Tom Cruise before he finalised to cast Shahrukh Khan and the role of Parmeet Sethi aka Kuljeet was to be played by former Big Boss contestant Armaan Kohli.

Currently our Raj and Simran are busy shooting for their upcoming flick, Dilwale directed by Rohit Shetty  that is all set to release on 18th December this year. This Yashraj movie that ran for 1009 weeks at the Maratha Mandir; on the anniversary yesterday, DDLJ shared a similar poster replicating the original DDLJ’s poster where Shahkrukh is seen carrying Kajol on his shoulders.

Shahrukh and Kajol also celebrated their reel-life  20th anniversary as Raj-Simran on the sets of Dilwale by sharing an adorable video recreating the magic of DDLJ.  If you ever happen to travel to Zurich, then for the fans of DDLJ, a visit to Mt. Titlis is a must as   you shall come across  a live poster of Shahrukh and Kajol in their DDLJ attire put up for display since many years on top of the mountain as a tribute to the hugely successful movie;  a major chunk of the movie was shot at the location.

With this magical spell  that Shahrukh and Kajol have laid on us since Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge , all we got to see is  whether the now 20 years older Raj-Simran manage  keep their audiences trapped in the spell  via Dilwale. *Fingers Crossed*



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