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With an aim to ‘Light up the World’, artist Marko has redefined the art of Light painting far and wide. Travelling across the globe, Marko is spreading light to new regions through innovative techniques of light painting using simple equipments.

Last week, Marko came to Mumbai for the Times Celebrate Bandra festival to light up the beautiful city. For him, light painting is not on a large canvas or with paints and brushes. Marko uses light and camera to capture the art in the form of photographs.

Different kinds of lights like Radium, Laser, UV, Tube, Bulbs, Torch are used to write and draw in a designated time frame. Marko says, “Any kind of light can be used. It depends on you how you create it.” The time frame to draw is decided by the setting of the camera and the art has to be completed swiftly in that frame. The camera captures the movements and displays the final picture with the drawings created, illuminating only the part drawn in the dark background. Marko admits, “Any kind of DSLR camera can be used with stock lens.”

Being in love with the streets, Marko has always portrayed his light art on the streets and for the streets. In Mumbai too, Marko painted the walls of Bandra at Carter Road, Bandra Fort and St. Andrew’s College.

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Marko uses humans as his basic prop in a complete dark background and creates art work using lights around them in a very short time frame. Right from transforming a girl into a princess, or a mother giving tribute to her kids, and the Alliance Francaise de Bombay showing the union with Mumbai, Marko granted everyone’s wish and created any kind of art that the audience demanded in his workshop at Bandra. And, all this in a quick span of time! Marko repeated every art right from the start process again and again till he could achieve the final output with utmost perfection.

Marko says, “Each time I try, I create something new and it is beautiful. Each attempt helps me to perfect myself. This is a different form of art and I love doing it. There is a lot of excitement in this whole process.” And surely, as Marko completes every art, there are smiles spread all around as the outcome is fascinating and a splendid work of light art.

Having started in the 1980s, Marko was amazed by a poster that he saw and thought of creating this new world with light. Without a course in this field, this French artist started by experimenting and trying his skills. The results of what he created mesmerised him and encouraged him to create one beautiful piece after another. While those that went wrong, he ensured to perfect it with another attempt. In fact, his number of failures kept him going to create better art each time. Be it city walls, wastelands, railway tracks, buildings, open spaces and playgrounds, Marko created big letters, entangled alphabets, realistic scenes, caricatures, animated characters, free style pieces and revealing scenarios everywhere.

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In 2011, he created a group performance called the ‘MonuLight’, a Monumental Light painting. He performed on the forecourt of the Saint-Denis Basilica. About 150 people holding lamps made up a 450 square meter crown on the ground. The basilica is a sacred place as all the kings are buried there but for this MonuLight, all the Kings were on the streets.

Marko also started using his light painting to tackle delicate issues and give a social message. He aims to touch the sentiments of the people and strives to make this world a better place in his small way by using his distinguished talent.

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Illuminating the darkness in the minds and hearts of people through his light painting art, Marko says, “My aim is to illuminate the world and I have just one message for everyone-Just Light Up the World!”

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