Why Advertise on The Graphic Slate?

Thank you for your interest in advertising on The Graphic Slate. Founded in 2015, The Graphic Slate has set out to be one of the world’s leading sources of up to date news and information on the Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics industries, apart from covering an array of sectors that are associated with the aforementioned verticals.

The past several years have witnessed an attrition of English news sites on the Internet doing justice to this space; as the number of sites shrink, the remaining sites only get better. With the vision of consistently growing and improving, The Graphic Slate is here to stay.

The key benefit in advertising on The Graphic Slate is that our readership fits a particular demographic; a mix of creative and business professionals. The majority of visitors to The Graphic Slate is between the ages of 15 and 40 and, needless to say, has a healthy appetite for news around animation, video games, visual effects and comics apart from many other related interests.

As long as you feel that like our vision of bridging the gap that separates creative professionals from the business kind, The Graphic Slate is the ideal place for you to advertise and promote your ideas and thoughts.

Please contact us at for more information regarding advertising opportunities.

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