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TheGraphicSlate.com is a news service, with cutting edge content across industry verticals like Animation, VFX, Gaming, Comics and more.

Our mandate is to blur the lines between creative and business coverage, while bringing out interesting case studies, intricate analysis and researched features.

Covering areas as diverse as profiles of animators, VFX artist, comic creators, game developers, independent film distribution, commercial studio activities, licensing, CGI and other technologies, as well as in-depth coverage of current events in all fields of animation, VFX, gaming, comics and more – TheGraphicSlate.com gives its readers an easy to navigate, visually and intellectually creative mechanism to electronically access a wealth of information.

Our core audience includes hundreds of thousands of animation, VFX, gaming and comics professionals, educators, broadcasters, students and enthusiasts who would get access to facts, figures, features, case studies, best industry practices, analysis and in-depth coverage they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

The site perfectly caters to both – the busy professionals, who like to catch up on the latest news and buzz, and for those creative aspirants or professionals who are looking out for in-depth coverage that they cannot find anywhere else.

Through The Graphic Slate, people worldwide would now have a single source for a vast array of information pertaining to all facets of the creative industries. From studios to independent creators, from broadcasters to cartoon enthusiasts, from hardware manufacturers to consumers, this place has something for everybody.

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